I feel honored to have been named President of the Lancaster Christian Writers association. My thanks to Jeanette Windle for all she has done for the past 13 years. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing things God will do with this 400+ member group! Read the write-up here.

1. Commit to the Race
2. Expect a rough ride
3. Trust the Director
4. Train like your life depended on it
5. Redefine your view of success

While every author needs to be focused, indie authors can grow their reach by branching out.

Does criticism mean you’re a failure? No one likes criticism—especially when it comes in insensitive ways. For authors, it’s especially tough when criticism comes in the forms of publishers rejecting your work or unkind reviews by readers. This edition of Positive TrUth focuses on what criticism does NOT mean, and how to use criticism to […]

I suggest short writing prompts to get you “warmed up” before writing something serious.