Monday mornings are normally associated with a gloomy return to the “daily grind.” We’re tempted to complain about coworkers, mediocre coffee and an inbox that’s just waiting to ruin our day.


Why do we allow ourselves to be miserable when God has placed so much beauty around us? Frankly, there’s a lot of potential beauty within you.

There’s no benefit to being miserable. But the benefits of gratitude are immeasurable. From health to having a positive impact on relationships, gratitude is the game-changer. It can downsize overwhelming problems, reinforce your commitment to others and boost your self-esteem.

Instead of complaining about coworkers, be glad you don’t have to do all the office work alone. Talk about multi-tasking!

If the coffee isn’t the best, well, at least you’ve had something warm to drink.

And that inbox isn’t out to get you. What’s waiting inside will give you an opportunity to show your potential.

Be grateful for challenges. Be grateful it’s Monday morning. After all, it’s a new day to shine.

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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

To call these words inspiring is like calling the Alps a bunch of pebbles. These are life-changing kernels of truth that, if accepted into the human heart, has the power to liberate captives and restore broken hearts.

There’s one catch: these words are only activated for those who are in Jesus Christ. Anyone can read the Bible, but it’s promises only work on conditions. Once those conditions are met anything—and I mean anything—is possible.

JP Robinson

“You get what you expect.”

I’ve heard that expression more times than I can count. But the truth of that statement becomes more real with each day that passes. 

It’s especially true in our spiritual lives. Starting each day with an expectation that we will see God move in some way, sets the stage for Him to do what He does best.

Everyday, we Christians face challenges that sometimes leave us bewildered or emotionally-drained. As a result, we often lose sight of the potential that each day holds and start our mornings with a negative mindset. 

This outlook is underscored by perpetually pessimistic news, tirades on social media and—worst of all—other people whose gloomy outlooks tend to prevent us from seeing the beauty and power that Christ wants to unveil in and through our lives. 

I can’t help but wonder how many of us actually expect to see the miraculous each day, in our own lives. When we pray, are we just itemizing a list of wishes or do we actually expect God to answer?

Let’s change that.

Start your morning by vocalizing that you expect to see God’s loving hand.

Whether He parts the Red Sea of your morning commute, provides you with just enough to cover your next bill or simply whispers an inaudible I love you,  you will not be disappointed. 

Because you get what you expect. And today, you’re expecting a miracle.

Live empowered,

JP Robinson