The past weeks have literally been a blur as I prep for the Christmas vendor/craft show season. This year, I’m launching a new product line, premade devotional kits called RadKits™ as part of my Radical Devotions initiative. Check out my poster below! As most of you know, working with teens is a BIG part of […]

What challenges your faith? A spiritual Red Sea? Some kind of Goliath? These stories and countless have happy endings. As the news remains grim and at least a million Americans remain without electricity /water, let us believers choose to look for the testimony in the test. For, above the clouds, the SON still reigns.

Does criticism mean you’re a failure? No one likes criticism—especially when it comes in insensitive ways. For authors, it’s especially tough when criticism comes in the forms of publishers rejecting your work or unkind reviews by readers. This edition of Positive TrUth focuses on what criticism does NOT mean, and how to use criticism to […]