Current Keynote & Workshop offerings

Be the Bridge (keynote)

Christian writers are called to tear down walls and build bridges in their place. This inspiring keynote challenges us to reach across the divide and connect readers with each other and a living God.


Write Race with Grace

Write Race with Grace is an engaging, interactive workshop that offers strategies by which authors can boldly approach the sensitive topic of race. In addition to learning how to smoothly incorporate people of color into their literature, WRWG presents students with ways to use racial diversity in literature as a means of promoting healing instead of division. For fiction & non-fiction authors.


What happens after you hit “publish” on KDP? Every author has a message and the potential to reach the masses. This hands-on workshop presents free to affordable strategies that will help you market to your full potential while reducing your stress load.  

Write Men Right (Fiction)

This presentation empowers authors to create balanced male characters that resonate with both male and female readers. 

Write 3D Characters (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Write 3D Characters fuses art and history in a fun, engaging workshop that presents 5 essential strategies to create characters that “walk off the page.” Discover how to create a villain that appeals and put literary “skin” on your protagonist. While originally designed for authors of fiction across genres, Write 3D Characters has been updated to also be relevant to authors of non-fiction.

Write History (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Combining scriptural principles with engaging dialogue, this workshop presents strategies for researching and writing historical fiction, memoirs, or biographies while targeting tough questions, such as what to include— and exclude—when writing about the past.


Speaking rates range from $80-$125 for a 55 minute session. Please include your rate when inviting me to speak.

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…your teaching at LCW and at last year’s Super Saturday have been very motivational! 😀 Thank you for sharing with us!

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