Positive TrUth 3/4

Does criticism mean you’re a failure?

No one likes criticism—especially when it comes in insensitive ways. For authors, it’s especially tough when criticism comes in the forms of publishers rejecting your work or unkind reviews by readers.

This edition of Positive TrUth focuses on what criticism does NOT mean, and how to use criticism to make a better you.

Whether it’s in a relationship or another aspect of your life, I hope this short video will give you a positive perspective.

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  1. The hard part is discerning when criticism is valid and helpful and when it is not. Every person has an opinion; but not all opinions are created equal. i am working to embrace those criticisms that help me develop my craft as a writer while allowing the pain of those that aren’t helpful to fade away.

    • Good point Chris. We can decide if criticism is valid by taking a step back and looking at the feedback as objectively as possible. But you’re right—there’s a difference between valid criticism and venting. 🙂

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