For Writers: Write to become the best

Good writers write. A lot. Every day if possible. That’s what any writing coach worth his/her salt will tell you. It can be grueling or sometimes it’s as easy as breathing. But the ability to capture the imagination while conveying a literary message is one that must be constantly honed.

Hopefully you’d do some warmups before starting a major workout. Similarly, I suggest short writing prompts to get you “warmed up” before writing something serious.

You can keep it short—500 words or less. Here are a few prompts to get you going. Feel free to post a link to what you’ve written in response to one of these prompts in the comments.

Writing prompts

  1. Write a short story about someone who returns from a long trip abroad
  2. Start your story at the final scene then take us backward and show us how you got there
  3. A friend calls to tell you she has a secret.
  4. You head for the airport but realize you forgot your passport at home.
  5. Write about an animal that causes a big problem for you or someone you love.

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