Positive TrUth (2/4)

Today’s topic:

How do we stay positive in times of social turbulence?

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JP Robinson is a prolific award-winning author. He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook university at 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and another in French. He is currently wrapping up his Master’s of Education.

JP is a contributor to Guideposts, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, and the Salvation Army’s War Cry. His work has been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly and secured the #1 spot on Amazon’s historical thrillers category.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree we are all responsible individually for how we choose to interact with others. It has to start in the heart. We can’t control circumstances or other people; what we can control is our own attitudes and actions. And, like you pointed out, if our hearts are right with God, it becomes easier to choose to engage with others with respect, integrity, and honor. And, by doing so, we invite them to do the same toward us.

    • Awesome point Chris. If we could all keep that in mind, what a different place our world would be! But let’s start with our own neighborhood and do our best to make a difference each day. 🙂

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