Read JP Robinson's guest post on collaborative marketing on Almost an
Read JP Robinson’s guest post on collaborative marketing on Almost an

My article on collaborative marketing is featured on A3 (Almost an

It’s never been easier to get your book published. But easy access to publishing creates challenges of its own.

With millions of titles uploaded to various self-publishing platforms on a regular basis, authors must radically reshape their approach to book marketing in order to see an increase in sales. An innovative approach to increasing exposure is collaborative marketing.

There’s nothing new about the idea of collaboration. It’s been a key element of writing for centuries. But the idea of marketing collaboratively, instead of individually, is a successful business technique that authors need to embrace.

Simply put, collaborative marketing, or co-marketing, is a strategy that involves working with similar companies or individuals to promote a brand while driving down costs.

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JP Robinson

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I had a FANTASTIC time at Philly. What a blessing to reconnect with friends and be with so many talented authors from across the US. I even ran into an acquaintance from Canada!

Thanks to Marlene Bagnull​ for organizing and to all who attended my workshops called TURN YOUR WRITING INTO A BUSINESS, and How to write historical fiction,memoirs and biographies. Your questions and enthusiasm made it a great event. 
Photo below courtesy of Carol B Amos. Check out her blog for books on helping loved ones with Alzheimers.

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It’s been a pretty intense weekend going over author manuscripts and offering marketing tips, so I’m planning on taking a few days off then jumping back headfirst into a YA thriller that’s due to editors by 12/1.

Have a great day all!

I’m busy making last-minute preparations for what’s going to be an OUTSTANDING writer’s conference in Philadelphia this week. I’m teaching two workshops: Turn Your Writing into a Business and Resurrect the Past (writing historical fiction, biographies and memoirs).

This conference is special to me because I’ll share a revolutionary approach to marketing for Christian authors as well as debut my latest writers’ self-help guide: Write Business.

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Join me in praying for a successful, helpful, conference. Thanks!

This weekend, I was privileged to teach two workshops at the Lancaster Christian Writer’s Super Saturday event. With great food, fellowship (did I mention awesome Colombian coffee?), it was a day to remember.

First, a big shout-out to Jeanette Windle, LCW President, who did a terrific job hosting the event.

JP Robinson, Brian and Ronie Kendig at 2019 LCW conference (from left to right).

Second, it was a real thrill to interact with Brian and Ronie Kendig, bestselling author of multiple “rapid-fire fiction” novels. I left inspired to draft the first book in my upcoming political thriller series set in the Middle East. Stay tuned…

Finally, I heard a lot of positive feedback from my workshop attendees. Comments like, ” JP, thank YOU for sharing great info about marketing! ” and “You’re teaching things that I need to know,” really made me feel that my time was well spent.

For those of you that didn’t get to sign up for the my author-only email list, join by clicking on this link.

Several attendees were gracious enough to send me pictures of the event. Thanks all!

Getting ready for two conferences at the same time! I’m teaching on “How to Write 3D Characters” and “How to Turn Your Writing Into a Business. Registered yet?🙂

As much as I love advance planning and preparation, I’m one of those people that functions best when close to deadlines. Somehow the adrenaline (or is it the caffeine??) seems to flow a little better through my veins when the zero hour gets closer. Are you the same way?

Right now I’m prepping for my upcoming Spring/Summer/Fall 2019 book tours, presentations and conferences. Fresh on the market is my first “How to” book, Write History. It syncs with some of the material I’ll present to authors in Lancaster, Pa in April and to other writing professionals in Colorado this May.

But underneath the adrenaline and caffeine I feel another force—the undeniable urge to write. I’ve a slew of books waiting to be written (take a sneak peak here) and, sooner or later, that call must be answered!

I’d love to write more but… the clock is ticking. 🙂

Stay connected,

JP Robinson

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