Writer’s Toolkit #7: Grow your reach with stages

I’ve renamed “Writer Wednesday” and am now HAPPY to introduce: Writer’s Toolkit. I hope that the content I offer my fellow dreamers and literary masters will serve to inspire you in your journey.

Today I’m focusing on stages. And by that I mean opportunities to speak. Stages are valuable because they:

  1. Can help you develop relationships with readers
  2. Boost your image as an influencer
  3. Boost your credibility
  4. Provide a place to sell your books

Remember, most sales occur based on emotion (more on that in a later post), so you want to take advantage of opportunities to showcase your work.

But don’t just think sales—after all, most people aren’t going to take from their precious time to listen to you brag about your book. Instead, organize or join events that will allow you to empower others.

Maybe become a speaker at a cancer fund, or a local charity event. Perhaps your library will hold an event that you can connect to your work.

Whenever you can, let others know you exist by becoming a voice that they can associate with quality work. In so doing, you can grow your “writer image” and, ultimately, your sales.

Book I recommend

Every author needs tools. This month, I’m pushing The Writer’s Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Check it out on Amazon.

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