Read JP Robinson's guest post on collaborative marketing on Almost an
Read JP Robinson’s guest post on collaborative marketing on Almost an

My article on collaborative marketing is featured on A3 (Almost an

It’s never been easier to get your book published. But easy access to publishing creates challenges of its own.

With millions of titles uploaded to various self-publishing platforms on a regular basis, authors must radically reshape their approach to book marketing in order to see an increase in sales. An innovative approach to increasing exposure is collaborative marketing.

There’s nothing new about the idea of collaboration. It’s been a key element of writing for centuries. But the idea of marketing collaboratively, instead of individually, is a successful business technique that authors need to embrace.

Simply put, collaborative marketing, or co-marketing, is a strategy that involves working with similar companies or individuals to promote a brand while driving down costs.

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  1. I saw this at work in Washington recently. I attended a county fair and there was a booth of SciFi writers working together. Some were indie published and some traditionally. One of them had created an umbrella company that all of the authors sell their books under. The collaboration made for a huge booth decorated with eye-catching visuals. And I don’t even like SciFi!

    • Thanks for sharing TonyaAnn. Co-marketing is becoming more common in the business world and it’s time that we authors put our efforts together.
      I’m launching a similar event in November called LancoExpo for authors of different genres.
      Details off my homepage. Will report back on how things go!

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