Book Update: Re-connecting with my characters

When I’ve been away from a book I’ve written for a while and I return to it, I get this incredible feeling—almost like I’ve come home. That’s how I feel as I perform copy-edits to In the Dead of the Night, (Northshire Heritage Book 3).

Reconnecting with Malcolm, Eleanor and Thomas in this final, explosive thriller is like saying “hello again and goodbye” to some incredible people at the same time.

I realize now that I was out of touch with Leila when I spun the first draft of this novel. The political and emotional struggles and triumphs in this novel were more forced the first time around. Thankfully, editing forced me to go back into my writer cave and rethink things!

But that’s what happens we authors connect with the products of our imagination.

We stop trying to tell the story we want to share; instead we turn our characters loose to tell their own story.

Perhaps that’s why I’ll always be a fiction writer at heart. It’s nothing short of an exhilarating experience.

Milestone: today I’m wrapping up edits to part one of this novel. Woo hoo! To celebrate, I thought I’d share the first paragraph with you.

Geneva, Switzerland. October 1918

The evening sky above Geneva promised the apocalypse had come. Feather-like clouds curled upward, painted by the dying sunlight in various shades of orange and red. To Thomas Steele, it seemed that the heavens burned.

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