Meet Thomas

After a prolonged battle, his wife succumbed to cancer. It was the first and most devastating battle Thomas ever lost.

Lost in the emptiness of a life without Isabella, Thomas escaped his sorrow by immersing himself in leading the Bank of England and indulging his son, Malcolm, with anything a teen could want.

But when Malcolm reaches manhood, his profligate lifestyle becomes too much for Thomas to stand. Unbending, Thomas makes a fateful decision… one that will ignite a chain of events that threaten to reduce Europe to a heap of ashes.

See Thomas in action when you read the Northshire Heritage series.

What’s the real inspiration behind Thomas Steele?

Thomas came to life when I stumbled across Highclere castle—now famous as the filming site of the hit series Downton Abbey. Somehow, poring over photographs and video clips of those powerful stone walls, helped me envision Thomas, the man whose own experiences add an unmistakable depth to the Northshire Heritage trilogy.

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