So I know it’s Friday and I’m going against every rule of the blogoverse by writing a post while readers are probably gearing up for the weekend! But… I want to share a 2.5 minute update on what’s going on with Lanco Expo with my awesome followers. So here goes!

I left off in my last post with a problem:

How do I get people to come to the Expo?

Solution: Engage the community.

Local branches of popular businesses such as Planet Fitness, Carrabba’s and Giant Food stores donated gift cards or other incentives to help generate interest. We’ve got gym bags, t-shirts and a month’s pass to Planet Fitness that we’ll give away through a FREE prize drawing.

To get a ticket, all you have to do is show up!

Quarryville Fire Department is helping us out by posting memes and announcements on their Facebook page.

The lesson is: by working together our community can do a lot. For readers. For writers. For each other.

See you at the Expo!


Some part of my brain must have decided that parenting, church ministry, full-time writing, full-time work, a marriage ministry, and nurturing a start-up business wasn’t enough to keep me busy.

Or maybe it’s just that I needed more excuses to drink Lavazza coffee. 🙂

One way or another, earlier this year I found myself expanding my “to-do” list by organizing the FIRST EVER small book & crafts gathering in our area.

We’re calling it LancoExpo and, I must say, things are coming together in a better way than even I anticipated.

I want to share what’s gone into planning this event and hope that you’ll reblog, tweet, and–if you’re near this corner of the world–attend 2019 LancoExpo.

It all started with a viable need. I know talented authors who can benefit with exposure to the community of readers. I know the feeling. So, author ally that I am, I reached out to a couple of venues and realized that the best place to hold this kind of an event was at… a library.

11/6/2019 from 10-2 pm
Come to LancoExpo a book and craft expo at Quarryville LIbrary

The Quarryville Library is a gorgeous facility with a very community-oriented leadership team. They agreed to host LancoExpo so that was one thing off my list.

This year we have about 12 author vendors signed up so far which makes for a promising event. You can find their info on my Meet the Authors page.

So now I had a place and some authors but I had one small problem that wheedled its way to the top of my must-be-solved-right-now list.

How do I get people to come ?

Find out how we’re solving that problem in my next post.

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