(Part 2):Authors, community & what’s going to be an AWESOME event!

So I know it’s Friday and I’m going against every rule of the blogoverse by writing a post while readers are probably gearing up for the weekend! But… I want to share a 2.5 minute update on what’s going on with Lanco Expo with my awesome followers. So here goes!

I left off in my last post with a problem:

How do I get people to come to the Expo?

Solution: Engage the community.

Local branches of popular businesses such as Planet Fitness, Carrabba’s and Giant Food stores donated gift cards or other incentives to help generate interest. We’ve got gym bags, t-shirts and a month’s pass to Planet Fitness that we’ll give away through a FREE prize drawing.

To get a ticket, all you have to do is show up!

Quarryville Fire Department is helping us out by posting memes and announcements on their Facebook page.

The lesson is: by working together our community can do a lot. For readers. For writers. For each other.

See you at the Expo!


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