Author JP Robinson

Yes, it’s true–I’m writing a NON-FICTION book. 🙂 Find out what else is going on in my writing life.

JP Robinson Christian fiction author

I’m working on In the Dead of the Night—Northshire Heritage Book 3!

I love having things to celebrate. Like the good news I got this morning when I logged into my KDP account. Yesterday, almost 300 people took advantage of a promo I ran and downloaded a copy of In the Shadow of Your Wings! Maybe some people may not think that’s a lot but, for me, […]

Some part of my brain must have decided that parenting, church ministry, full-time writing, full-time work, a marriage ministry, and nurturing a start-up business wasn’t enough to keep me busy. Or maybe it’s just that I needed more excuses to drink Lavazza coffee. 🙂 One way or another, earlier this year I found myself expanding […]

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