My quantum leap to non-fiction and other quick updates

Thanks for your patience during my online silence. I just got another manuscript back to the editor and am taking a (short) mental break before diving right in to my FIRST-EVER non-fiction series—Radical Devotions.
Nonfiction? Yep, but don’t faint! 😃

Radical Devotions for Boys will combine all the various areas of my life—parenting, ministry, and teaching—in a dynamic, interactive approach that any parent can use to help THEIR young man navigate a tough world.

Also, bookmark your calendars. In the Dead of the Night, the FINAL–much anticipated– book in the Northshire Heritage series bursts onto the world’s stage on March 9, 2021.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting and messaging me about Bride Tree’s sequel, DON’T DESPAIR! Things are looking good for that story to be told in 2021.

I’ll be a bit quiet over the next few weeks as I wrap up some virtual writing teaching conferences etc. but I’ll be working hard behind the scenes to weave words that inspire and entertain. As always you can connect with me right here or on

THANKS for your loyalty folks–it truly means a lot. Stay safe and well.

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