Masking our lives?

A few days ago I went to the grocery and found myself surrounded by a sea of masked faces. They varied in shape, color, and size. Each one was a reflection of the wearer’s personality.

I too wore a mask and I was a little surprised at the sense of security it brought. But, as I pushed my cart from the paper goods section to snag some precious eggs, I realized that my comfort didn’t just stem from the fact that there was a barrier between myself and invisible coronavirus bacteria. I felt comfortable because so many other people wore masks too.

I’m a deep thinker and this thought led me to wonder how often we don invisible masks that give a false sense of security? How many times do we hide behind our past mistakes or failures, because it’s easier to wear a mask than to confront the truth head on?

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Unmask the truth

I’m all for masks when it comes to combating COVID-19. Each of us has a duty to protect out neighbors, and we can best do thisBut the masks of life are another story. Those kinds of masks destroy life instead of protecting it.

When I penned Bride Tree in 2018, I made the importance of unmasking the truth the cornerstone of the plot. In writing that novel, I realized there is only one way to lasting freedom.

We must all pull off whatever masks we wear, and let the raw nature of who we are be transformed by the power of God.

Masked faces are nothing new to our world. We’re surrounded by them every day at work, school, and in churches. But the call of Christ rings out today as clearly as it ever has. It is the call to remove the mask, acknowledge our faults and His perfection, and to be forever changed into His divine image.

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Romans 8:29

Unmask the truth.

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JP Robinson is a prolific award-winning author. He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook university at 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and another in French. He is currently wrapping up his Master’s of Education.

JP is a contributor to Guideposts, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, and the Salvation Army’s War Cry. His work has been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly and secured the #1 spot on Amazon’s historical thrillers category.

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