Writer’s Toolkit: Why your work matters more now than ever

Snapshot version:

As increasing numbers of potential readers are stuck at home, your work can alleviate their boredom. Make your writing easily accessible to grow your audience.

Expanded version

Quarantine’s a real nightmare—a nightmare that many can escape via your books. The work of skilled writers is more important now than ever before as millions of Americans are under “stay-at-home” orders.

How to capitalize upon this “captive” audience

Use the following tips:

  • Run a special or consider giving away your book for free
  • Be sure that your books are available and formatted for e-readers. List them with Kindle Unlimited or some other subscription program as people are less likely to buy books in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Write short stories/a novel that is designed to be a freebie. Hook audiences into your writing style by delivering a compelling, vivid story that will leave them wanting more.
  • Blog/post about your personal experience during quarantine, Share funny/learning/moving moments that will motivate and engage your audience.

Main point: The opportunity to reach new readers is great as many need an escape or a fresh source of inspiration. Share stories that will motivate, entertain, or inspire by making your books easily accessible from home.

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