Could you be a spy?

Werner Jaeger, Department 3B, German spy

Spies, secrets, and shadows

Codes are at the heart of In the Shadow of Your Wings and In the Midst of the Flames. The Great War wasn’t just fought on the battlegrounds of Europe. An unseen war of secrets and code-breaking played key parts in determining the war’s outcome.

Test yourself

I’ve created a simple cipher similar to the ones used by the Germans in WW1. In reality, their ciphers were a lot more complex than this ADFGVX cipher. Have some fun with this and type what you THINK it is in the comments. Keep posted for the answer!

Do you have what it takes?



Hints: These codes run in sets of 2. So GA is one letter.
Look at the letter on the left FIRST then the top. For example, GA is the letter “F”. 🙂


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Note: You can find more information about cryptography during the Great War on this site (different privacy policies may apply, proceed at your own risk).

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