Writer Wenesday #3 -Reach out

Everyone knows someone. That’s the general rule in the business world. When you treat your writing like a business, you learn to leverage those connections to produce, or market, a better product.

Some writers shy away from asking strangers for interview opportunities, or to endorse their book. The harsh truth is, unless you conquer that attitude, your book is going one place–nowhere.

Instead of thinking why someone wouldn’t want to endorse, promote, or provide info for your book, focus on what your book offers them.

In a few days, I’m meeting with a European specialist on medievil history, weapons and more. His insight will be invaluable as I break ground on my upcoming political thriller series, Countdown.

This became possible simply by reaching out. There are more good people out there, who are willing to help you take your book to the next level than you might think.

Be bold. Take the plunge.

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