Join my Dream Team

It’s that time of year where I accept applications for my DREAM TEAM.

The DREAM TEAM is limited to 50 members—avid readers, journalists, bloggers and even other writers.


DT members get insider access to my life. They know BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DOES where I’ll be, what’s going on, and what books  are about to take a leap of faith into production.

THEY SHARE this information with their followers on social media (Twitter/Snapchat/Facebook—whatever puts a smile on your face.) 

And, of course, I believe in showing my appreciation. Dream Team members get SPECIAL PERKS—Amazon/Starbucks gift cards, personalized gifts, and more!

The more you share, the higher you rank and the BIGGER the perks.

We communicate via a closed Facebook group page that only TEAM members can access.

No one can do much alone. Together Each Achieves More.

What about it? Are you ready to DREAM?

Apply HERE:

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