The Gratitude Game-changer

Monday mornings are normally associated with a gloomy return to the “daily grind.” We’re tempted to complain about coworkers, mediocre coffee and an inbox that’s just waiting to ruin our day.


Why do we allow ourselves to be miserable when God has placed so much beauty around us? Frankly, there’s a lot of potential beauty within you.

There’s no benefit to being miserable. But the benefits of gratitude are immeasurable. From health to having a positive impact on relationships, gratitude is the game-changer. It can downsize overwhelming problems, reinforce your commitment to others and boost your self-esteem.

Instead of complaining about coworkers, be glad you don’t have to do all the office work alone. Talk about multi-tasking!

If the coffee isn’t the best, well, at least you’ve had something warm to drink.

And that inbox isn’t out to get you. What’s waiting inside will give you an opportunity to show your potential.

Be grateful for challenges. Be grateful it’s Monday morning. After all, it’s a new day to shine.

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