Place of the Week #2: Lake Thun, Switzerland

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world? How about an unusual lake nestled in a mountain range? Lake Thun (pronounced Toon) is my place of the week. Featured in In the Dead of the Night, Lake Thun is the largest lake in the Berland Oberland and stretches 18km from Interlaken, Switzerland to Thun.

Lake Thun at night, aerial view

Lake Thun is surrounded by castles such as the iconic Castle Oberhofen and is a great place for a boat cruise which will take you to visit many of the hamlets around the lake. Created after the last glacial period, the lake separated from Lake Brienz after the 10th century AD.

Thomas Steele’s fictitious castle exists along the waters of Lake Thun and was modeled after Castle Oberhofen, a stunning masterwork of architecture that traces its roots to the 13th century. Leila studies the waters as she contemplates her next move in a high-stakes game to clear the stain of treason from her family name.

The glittering waters of Lake Thun reflected the azure of a clear sky. As she watched, a gust of wind tossed handfuls of leaves into the air, scattering them like miniature boats onto the lake. Life was full of change. Just a few weeks had robbed the trees of their lush foliage. Perhaps now, the time for change had come to her as well. 

In the Dead of the Night, JP Robinson

Would you add Lake Thun to your bucket list?

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JP is a contributor to Guideposts, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, and the Salvation Army’s War Cry. His work has been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly and secured the #1 spot on Amazon’s historical thrillers category.


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  1. I’d love to visit Lake Thun, or anywhere in Switzerland. When we adopted our daughter in 1990 from Romania, we traveled through Germany, Austria and Hungary, but we never made it to Switzerland. It looks like a lovely place!

    • Rhonda, it’s so great adopted and from overseas. There’s so much to see in Europe and Asia in my opinion. Looking forward to doing more travelling in the near future myself!

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