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In the Dead of the Night by JP Robinson

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“The two most important warriors are patience and time.” JP Robinson’s Christian historical fiction novel, In the Dead of the Night (Northshire Heritage), is one intriguing drama. The Great War (WW1) continues its devastating path of destruction. Thomas Steele, branded a traitor, risks his life to return to England to save his Northshire estate from being seized by the government. His German daughter-in-law, Leila, is forced to resume spying when Elsbeth Schneider, the German espionage network leader, abducts her child. Elsbeth knows Leila’s strengths and capabilities, thus playing on her emotions and loyalties to the German cause. Malcolm is overwhelmed by the recurring backlash he faces from his father’s treason and his wife’s occupation. But he will do whatever it takes to rescue his son and save his legacy.

Spies, lies, love, and loyalty are often misleading in JP Robinson’s outstanding novel, In the Dead of the Night (Northshire Heritage). These characters are definitely skilled in manipulation and survival skills, even the untrained ones. A few of the events that occurred are based on actual historical references that JP Robinson included in his informative notes. Some of the characters were created after he was inspired by historical figures he read about, including the barbarous Elsbeth Schneider and spymaster Robert Hughes. David Lloyd George served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1916-1922. There’s often a lot of information and news-worthy documentation on WW2, so it was nice to learn more about The Great War and how it affected the world. In the Dead of the Night (Northshire Heritage) is a novel that historians and readers, in general, will find a fantastic read.

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