Summer life/writing updates

Wow! I just realized how long it’s been since I blogged. Thanks to all for your patience. Between speaking in person and on podcasts/radios, getting edits done to Behind These Walls of Glass and drafting a short novella for men, it’s been a busy time. I’m also making sure to take some breathing time so posts will be a bit sporadic until mid-October. This post shares Summer life/writing updates.

Here are the highlights of summer:

  • I’ve sent the massively-revised version of Behind These Walls of Glass to my editor. It’s a gritty story that I’m so excited to share with you. Sneak previews will be coming out in the next few months to my email subscribers so STAY TUNED! ūüôā
  • I had an awesome time keynoting on¬†“Be the Bridge”¬†and teaching at Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s retreat this May in North Carolina.
  • It was a real blessing to be hosted on Linda Goldfarb’s “Your Best Writing Life” podcast and speak on how to effectively write male characters. Check it out¬†here¬†if you missed it.
  • I switched from a¬†gas to charcoal grill and totally love it. The pic above is from 4th of July weekend.¬†

Due to gas and travel costs, my family’s pretty much staying local this summer. But local doesn’t mean boring. Besides summer life/writing updates, I thought I’d share are a few ways to maximize your “staycation” if that’s your plan.

  • Go camping.¬†I love taking my kiddos out into the woods but if that’s not your thing, you can reconnect with nature in your backyard or a local park. State parks are often cheaper than camping resorts.¬†
  • Stay at a local hotel or AirBnb:¬†¬†Just because it’s local doesn’t mean it isn’t good. You can still get awesome service and develop new appreciation for your town by checking out the local hotels.¬†
  • Be spontaneous:¬†Check out horseback riding, star gazing or something out of the house that’s available in your area. No matter where you live, planet Earth’s an amazing place with lots to discover.¬†

What about your summer life?

Are you travelling or enjoying local sights? Write in and let me know. Also, remember, summer’s always better with a great book. Why not read mine for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Stay safe and well,

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