And Draft 1 is DONE!

Today I’m happy to share, I finished the first draft of my sixth novel, Behind These Walls of Glass. Ironically, it’s Martin Luther King Junior Day, and the book centers around race, hope, and—of course my trademark— fast-paced espionage!

I’ve learned so much when writing this manuscript. Honestly, I feel as though I’ve poured more of myself into this single book than I have in all the three-quarter of a million or more words I’ve penned in my novels to date.

But I’m confident that this book will do much good in the world and I can’t wait until it shows up on shelves!

I’m taking a day or so off (haha) and then throwing myself into what I call “the rewrite.” That’s where I go back and really add layers of description, refine word choices etc. Then it goes to my editor.

And that’s when the real work begins! 🙂

Stay tuned and thanks for being part of my story.


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About JP Robinson

JP Robinson is a prolific award-winning author. He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook university at 19 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and another in French. He is currently wrapping up his Master’s of Education.

JP is a contributor to Guideposts, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse, and the Salvation Army’s War Cry. His work has been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly and secured the #1 spot on Amazon’s historical thrillers category.

JP Robinson
JP Robinson

JP Robinson is the President of Lancaster Christian Writers Association, a minister, and former teacher of European history and Psychology. JP is a contributor to Focus on the Family, Guideposts and other leading magazines. His novel, In the Shadow of Your Wings, claimed the #1 spot in Amazon’s historical thrillers category.


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