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I’ve always believed that we have the responsibility to serve those around us. Last year, I launched a reading program aimed in which 40% of my royalties went to local food banks. This year, Read2Feed is back.

Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks, released a stunning statistic:

Food banks across the country are serving 55 percent more people now than before the pandemic.

Feeding America

As an author, I’m happy to put my resources to helping fill that gap. I’ve been homeless and have faced food insecurity. God has blessed me and it’s time to give back. So, from 11/1 to 12/31, forty percent of all royalties received through Kindle Unlimited will go to local food banks.

I invite other authors to join in this commitment. Together we can make a considerable difference. I will update this blog post with other authors who commit to this challenge so readers know which authors are participating.

Stay safe and well,

JP Robinson

JP Robinson
JP Robinson

JP Robinson is the President of Lancaster Christian Writers Association, minister, and educator. He has over 15 years experience in education and marketing. JP’s novels have garnered praise by industry leaders such as Publisher’s Weekly.

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