3 easy ways authors can make tech work for them

Hey, I love the feel of putting the first strokes on a fresh sheet of paper. Honestly, when I’m planning out a scene, or need to reconnect with my writing muse, I sometimes skip the computer and grab a pencil.

But technology impacts every industry and writers are no exception. Here are 3 ways technology can help indie authors.

Catch typos by listening to your book in MS Word.

Did you know that later versions of MS Word carry a “Read Aloud” feature? While it’s not foolproof, authors can catch misspelled or misplaced words with this free aspect of Word. Learn more in this post.

Ramp up the realism

You can get incredibly hands-on using technology such as Google Earth, Timeglider (now owned by Preceden) and other software. Wow your readers with well-placed details, infuse your fantasy world with schematics drawn from fantasy art, or recreate accurate images of history-makers by harnessing the power of technology.

Make vital connections

No matter how powerful your book, every author needs connections to make a mark. Go beyond the social media norms to set up interviews on Linkedin. Or pitch information about your upcoming release to a news channel that might be interested in your particular niche. Read more in this post.

No matter what you write, technology can play a significant role in creating the best product you can offer to readers.

JP Robinson

JP Robinson
JP Robinson

JP Robinson is the President of Lancaster Christian Writers Association, a minister, and former teacher of European history and Psychology. JP is a contributor to Focus on the Family, Guideposts and other leading magazines. His novel, In the Shadow of Your Wings, claimed the #1 spot in Amazon’s historical thrillers category.


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  1. I know you are soo right. But for me, I tried Linkin years ago, and I can’t get past passwords no matter what it is. I just don’t have the computer get its. As for Facebook, It is against everything I stand for, as all I hear about it is social negativism.
    Maybe you can help, but I will not do Facebook.

    • No problem Dennis, thanks for your insight. Facebook can indeed be tough to handle at times. The important thing is to find a social platform that you feel comfortable utilizing/growing with. As to passwords, you should be able to save your LinkedIn PW.
      Maybe a family member can help you with that. Hang in there!

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