Bible Encouragement

Now more than ever, I appreciate these profound truths of Scripture. I told my children at our devotions that they should be optimistic about their future because it won’t be the same as the future of those who don’t know Christ.

The truth is, every Christian can lay claim to that same reality. The Bible predicts that the world will, sadly, continue to descend into chaos. But for those who are in Christ, the stronghold that God offers is enough to weather any storm.

When I look at this image of Mont St. Michel, one of my favorite castles in France, I am reminded of how accurate God’s Word is. For almost 500 years, the waves have innundated the plain, thrashed against the rocks, and slammed into the castle walls.

Yet they have never destroyed the fortress itself.

And they never will. For it is built upon a rock.

Neither will the spiritual, social, or emotional waves of life EVER destroy the fortress in which the believer takes refuge.

So, believers, be optimistic. Your future is bright.

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