For Writers: How to beat writer’s block

Don’t let writer’s block stand in the way of your story! Here are two TOTALLY different ways to “beat the block.”

Power Through

When I’m stuck in a writing rut or just can’t seem to get the writing juices flowing, sometimes it helps just to write. No matter what. The scene may be horrible, the character’s emotions can fall flat. But, after a while, I start to reconnect with my inner muse.

So just write. You can do major writing surgery later.

Step Back

And I mean that quite literally. Get away from your keyboard and go for a walk. You can either use the time to clear your head or to tackle the literary problem in a different environment.

We’ve redefined “working out” a plot problem!

So my wife fell in love with this Matrix elliptical, but I’ve found that it’s also a great way to “work out” a solution to whatever is blocking my writing path.

So here are two diametrically opposed strategies. Let me know what works best for you.

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