For Writers: The BIGGEST book marketing mistake I ever made

We’d all like an easy way to get our books sold but before you sign a contract with a marketing company, ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. Is this something I can do myself for free or little cost?
  2. Does this company really have my best interests at heart?
  3. Am I investing all my eggs into this marketing basket or am I still prepared to do something on my own?

Professional book marketing can/should be a part of your marketing mix but it should only be one small, affordable part. No company can do it all for you.

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In this video I share one of the biggest book marketing (a $1,600 ouch) mistakes I’ve made as well as how YOU can avoid doing the same. Subscribe to my channel if you enjoy this video.

About JP Robinson

JP Robinson gained experience in the marketing field doing promotional work for multi-million dollar medical facilities and various non-profit groups.

He is an international speaker, educator, and prolific author.
Check out his interactive writing series, Workshop in your pocket.

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