Walking with Jesus #2

Well, here’s the first post in a series about my ongoing walk with the Lord. As I mentioned , I’ve been asked to share about how I became a Christian and thought it would be good to share some of my spiritual adventures throughout the past 30 years.

So let’s start at the beginning. 🙂

My parents couldn’t have children. A negative doctor’s diagnosis on my mom, combined with a series of miscarriages, left behind a lot of broken dreams. But both my parents were staunch Christians from the Caribbean and knew that God could work even when science failed and so they kept praying for 6 years.

In Trinidad at the time, a married woman without children could find herself as the subject of ridicule and my mom said she felt the pressure, especially when she was called a “mule” to her face.

JP Robinson and his mom
My mom and–you guessed it–Me!

After 6 years of marriage she had a dream where she saw a tree with three fruit. Two were of one kind and one was of another. She woke up and knew that God was showing her she was going to have children.

I’ll add here that my dad was a minister and my mom a real prayer warrior. It’s been 12 years since her passing and people still contact us commenting on how God used them both.

Anyway, one day after prayer, she said that the Spirit of the Lord spoke to her and put in her heart that she should verbalize what she wanted. And she did, claiming that she would become pregnant that month in Jesus’ Name. About 9 months later—after a difficult pregnancy—my eldest sister, Rachel, was born.

There are three of us, two girls and one boy. And, through this experience, we learned that He is still the God of Hannah, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Has God done something in your life that you’d like to share? Comment and share. I always love hearing a good testimony.


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  1. Enjoyed reading and learning this. I too came through unexpected circumstances, not supposed to live for the first three years of my life.

    • So glad to hear that. God is good all the time! We’re very thankful for you life. Thanks for sharing!

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