Give your site a makeover

Every writer knows that more than half the battle is marketing your book(s). But many don’t realize that a good website is a powerful marketing ally.

Think of your website as a friend that shouts “read these books” to everyone within hearing distance 24/7. That’s dedication, right?

But you’ve got to keep your friend looking good—otherwise people aren’t going to pay attention. Or they won’t want to stop and chat (a.k.a. explore your site).

Every so often, spend time building, revamping, or even recreating your website to keep existing users engaged and to attract new visitors. If you’ve got a professional, awesome! Consider hiring someone new on freelance sites like Fiverr.

If you’re doing it yourself, that’s great too. Check out GoDaddy’s tips for website design with WordPress.

Takeaway: Your website needs a look every so often to engage existing followers and attract new ones.

That being said, check out my site’s new look. What do you think?

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