Books that taught us to love

As a teen I remember being scared speechless every time I started to talk to my first—and only—girlfriend. What could I say that wouldn’t make me sound like an idiot?

Fortunately for me, we both shared a love of reading, and books became a way of bridging that awkwardness.

This September, we will be married 15 years so clearly something worked!

Today being Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d showcase 3 incredible novels that reveal the power of love and helped bring Lois and I together.

Every powerful novel needs to have an element of love—either parental, romantic, spiritual or a love of nature. Why? Love is the heartbeat of humanity.

So here are a few books that made showed us, in more ways than one, the power of love.

The Mark of the Lion series

Unforgettable in its scope and message, these three books by Francine Rivers brilliantly portray the power of God’s love as well as the power of the love of Christ in the hearts of His children.

Israel, My Beloved

A powerful allegory by Kay Arthur, Israel my beloved pays poignant tribute to God’s unfailing love for His people. Wayward and rebellious Israel is personified in a woman called Sarah. Despite her fickle nature, she is sought after by God, ultimately finding redemption.

Stones of Jerusalem

Bodie and Brock Thoene revive the story of Miriam and Marcus while meshing in the ongoing struggle for control of modern-day Jerusalem in this novel. The book demonstrates the power of commitment that comes from loving both God and country. There are times when both demand a sacrifice.

P.S. Don’t forget Bride Tree!

While all my novels show the power of love, I think that Bride Tree really zeroed in on the incomprehensible love of Christ for each of us. An allegory of the church, Bride Tree fuses romance and intrigue.

Special thanks to my amazing wife who helped me capture the female mindset in this novel!


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    • Thanks Brenda! Funny how God uses simple things to accomplish so much. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read all my books for free there, including Bride Tree. Have a great weekend!

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