Why my sister cried

Normally, I struggle when writing a dedication.

Considering that thousands of readers may see what I write, I think carefully about who to choose and why. But this time, things were different. I knew right away who In the Midst of the Flames “belonged” to.

And, when I heard the echo of the happy tears in my sister’s voice after she got her copy in the mail, I knew that I had made the right choice.

If you’re a parent, you know that raising kids isn’t easy. I’m learning that first-hand as my own children start the teenager phase! Knowing some of the things my sister was facing, I wrote this book as a message of encouragement. Of hope and faith in the midst of what seems to be overwhelming situations. 

I’ll never forget what Rachel said when she called. “Thank you for one of the most heartfelt Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.”

I’ve always believed it was better to give than to receive. As I listened to her on WhatsApp, I felt that I was the one who received one of the best gifts of my life.

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