Writer’s Toolkit #9: Expand your reach (Pt 2)

How can an indie author boost sales?

One of the best ways an independent author can give both sales and his credibility a boost is to gain reviews from professional journals and industry leaders. For example, In the Shadow of Your Wings saw a dramatic increase in readership after a positive Publisher’s Weekly review went live.

Libraries and organizations that have a large body of readers often rely upon the opinions of professional journals when deciding what titles to add to their own collection.

Bottom line:

Before deciding to spend money on online advertising, such as Amazon or Google, consider pitching your work for review by an industry reviewer, some of whom have dedicated channels for indie authors.

Journals I recommend:

  • Publisher’s Weekly– Very influential with fair reviews. Offers a free and paid service to authors.
  • Library Journal-great for connecting with libraries. Also accepts graphic novels, audio books, and visual books. Watch out for their review time frame!
  • Kirkus Reviews-Does not get my star. Influential but known for their harsh reviews and excessive summary. Still, I recommend them due to their longstanding reputation in the industry. They also have a paid version (Kirkus Indie) for indie authors.

P.S. If you’d like to talk more about ways you can boost sales or want help developing a strategic marketing plan, book a 30 minute call with me.



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