Build an affordable marketing plan

Create. Market. Sell.

The best of books needs a solid marketing plan behind it. Let me help you leverage your existing platform in a budget-friendly way to increase your sale potential.

1-1 Market Booster call

Here we discuss options, formulate plans and identify possible leads and endorsements. What this includes: -Pre-conversation market research, comparing your book to similar titles -A 30 minute phone call where I identify several unique strategies you can apply -Email summary followup


Build a brand

Build a brand | 1 Hour phone & optional screen share conversation

Are you an indie author who wants to carve out your own niche? Start with a conversation that identifies strategies for boosting your influence and develop a marketing mix that works best for you.


Get feedback


In-depth Manuscript Critique

I will evaluate 1,500 words of your manuscript and offer a full critique. Critiques are also available for entire manuscripts at the rate of $40 per hour.


Email to book time on my calendar.

Time slots are reserved once payment is received.