Day 3: You CAN impact the future

Today, my research work began in earnest, but I didn’t visit a library. Instead, we took a trip back in time.
After an hour of weaving our way through Nuremberg’s thick pedestrian traffic, while negotiating with merciless corners and narrow cobblestone streets, a kind, elderly lady (a Nuremburg native) helped us find parking. And she did it with a SMILE!!

Soon after, we arrived at the 500 year old home of Albrecht Durer—one of Europe’s most influential artists. Incredibly, much of Durer’s home survived TWO world wars and it was an IMMENSE privilege to get a first-hand glimpse of the man behind the art. The Zum Albrecht Dürer Haus did an awesome job with providing insight into Durer and we were able to even able to get a reenactment tour with Agnes, Durer’s wife.

So, why am I immersing myself in everything Durer? Because, brewing in the back of my skull is the biggest, most audacious political thriller I’ve ever imagined.

I’m about to break ground on an intricate conspiracy that spans 800+ years. And it all begins in a workshop with creaky floorboards above the streets of Nuremberg. If you want to be the FIRST to know what’s next, consider applying to be part of my Dream Team .

Nuremberg reinforced my beliefe that each of us can shape the future by our actions and attitudes. Durer shaped European thinking with his art. A compassionate lady made a choice to guide us to parking, which let me be on time for a guided tour I needed to write what promises to be a powerful series. In her own small way, she’s made a positive impact on the future.

And the good news is… SO CAN YOU! What will you do with today?

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