Jesus’s Classroom

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The situation is a familiar one to Bible readers. There’s an insurmountable problem and Jesus steps in right on time. To those of us who believe, it’s a powerful testimony.

But there’s more to this verse than meets the eye.

As a teacher, I see this Biblical moment as, not only a miracle, but a teachable moment. Jesus doesn’t teach in traditional classrooms where everything is optimized for student success.

He works best in an immersive experience—storms, starving crowds, sickness or the pits of despair.

It is in those moments of utter helplessness that Jesus shows us what He can do through us.

I’ve been on the Sea of Galilee and I have a pretty good idea of how quickly those storms can come up. But while we marvel at how Jesus conquered nature, let us not forget that He invited Peter to do the same.

The heart of Christianity is to carry on the life of Christ–to walk where He walked. But here, Jesus was walking on water! And through this experience, Jesus showed Peter, the other disciples and you and I that faith in His word will bring the same results to us as it did to Him.

Are you willing to walk where Jesus walked? If so, get out of your boat. It’s time to walk on water.

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