When a prodigal comes home…

Okay, so a few months ago I had readers on the edge of their seat, wondering if Malcolm (our British prodigal) would ever be reconciled to his father, Thomas, and if his wife—the beautiful German spy, Leila,—would be able to salvage their marriage, while escaping the clutches of Germany’s deadliest assassin.

While In the Shadow of Your Wings was hitting shelves, and later Publisher’s Weekly’s review list, I was hit by another thought. What happened to the prodigal son after he came home?

While the incredible parable of a repentant son is an unforgettable tribute to God’s mercy, can you imagine the emotional trauma that both the father, the son, and those connected to him had to endure?

How would a returning prodigal feel when facing those he had wronged? I’m sure we all know prodigals who have a spouse that they’ve betrayed. How can they conquer the shame that haunts their steps, and encourage those they’ve wronged to rebuild bridges of trust?

Northshire Heritage 2

Those were the questions that inspired In the Midst of the Flames. This book is an immersive experience, designed to take you to the very heart Northshire … and the very heart of God.

As Malcolm makes the choice to go home, I want you to feel every rapid pulse of his heart as he sees his father, Thomas, running toward him, and wonders what lies ahead.

I want you to experience the churning in Leila’s heart as she sees the man who betrayed her—the man she still loves—trying to rebuild a shattered relationship. Is there a way to find healing?

Yes, the prodigal may have come home. But, for many, coming home means the journey has just begun.

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