It’s coming! Friday, 11/8, the long-anticipated sequel to In the Shadow of Your Wings, makes its debut. You can preorder In the Midst of the Flames today and it’ll automatically load onto your Kindle device on 11/8.

Paperback version to follow.


In the Shadow of Your Wings 

…Robinson’s eclectic array of characters and high-stakes scenarios make for an immersive beginning to a series that will appeal to fans of war dramas.” —Publisher’s Weekly  

As the fires of the Great War rage across the European continent, the Steele family is caught in the midst of the inferno. Estranged from his wife, and haunted by a lie, Malcolm wonders if he can ever find forgiveness for his betrayal as he begins the long journey home.

Leila desperately searches for a way to escape her past life as a spy—and the German agent who has been sent to kill her—as she struggles to prove her innocence. Determined to save his family, Thomas risks everything in a high-stakes political gamble, bringing Britain to the brink of obliteration, as spymaster Robert Hughes plots his downfall.

Will everything be reduced to ashes? Or does God still protect those who—through faith—walk into the midst of the flames?

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