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In the Shadow of Your Wings. “… Robinson’s eclectic array of characters and high-stakes scenarios make for an immersive beginning to a series that will appeal to fans of war dramas.”


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The Northshire Heritage Trilogy

Northshire Heritage Book 2

As the fires of the Great War rage across the European continent, the Steele family is caught in the midst of the inferno. READ MORE>>

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“It … shows how people’s faith is tested and the journey they take to find meaning, forgiveness and redemption in the midst of the chaos of war. I am eagerly awaiting the final book.”—

Cover of JP Robinson's masterpiece, In the Shadow of Your Wings

Northshire Heritage Book 1

Leila, an elite German spy, sees the Great War as a chance to move beyond the pain of her shattered past. But everything changes when she falls in love with the enemy and… READ MORE>>

“Fantastic WWI historical fiction book. Fast paced, you won’t want to put this book down. Great story, characters and believable. Looking forward to reading more of the Northshire Heritage series wish they were available now. ” —Goodreads

The Secrets of Versailles series

Readers' Favorite awarded 5 stars to JP Robinson's Christian historical novel Bride Tree.

Secrets of Versailles II

An allegory of the church set in the French Revolution era. When Viviane de Lussan joins the court of Marie Antoinette, she finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy of epic proportions. Bride Tree fuses alternative history with romantic suspense.

5 STARS! “An enchanting romance woven with espionage, and a power struggle that will keep any historical fan charmed and mesmerized.” —Readers’ Favorite

Secrets of Versailles I

Versailles is the rising center of European power but the court of King Louis XIV is also a hotbed of intrigue and political manipulation. Despite the rigid structure of Angélique’s upbringing,  temptation proves stronger than her principles.  She gives birth to twins, Antoine and Hugo, who are ripped apart by their mother’s shadowed past.

“An excellent novel, well written and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who enjoy historical fiction.” —Maureen

For Authors|Workshop-In-Your-Pocket guides

Write History

The FIRST in a groundbreaking writer self-help series. Discover the art of writing memoirs, biographies and historical fiction in a fun, interactive “workshop-in-your-pocket!”

Learn how to:

1. Establish a compelling setting for their fiction or non-fiction historical manuscripts
2. Create authentic 3D historical characters
3. Easily hook reader emotions
4. Decide what to include and what to exclude in your next historical piece

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Write Business

Learn how to:

1.Develop the mindset of a writerpreneur
2. Create a writer’s business plan
3. Increase sales using the STP and 4Ps method (adapted for writers)
4. Implement strategies used by best-selling authors to increase their reach

Link to buy Write History by JP Robinson on Amazon

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