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A few words about my next novel…

My next series focuses on the Black experience under the Third Reich. It’s an action-packed, gut-wrenching unique take on one of the most climatic moments in world history. Join my email list for updates.

“JP Robinson is boldly addressing the important, but largely hidden, history of the Black experience of Nazi Germany. A history which needs to be told.”

—Dr. Robbie Aitken, Sheffield Hallam University

Unheard Voices: a new direction

My writing focus has shifted. I’m honored to focus on Black figures from the WW2 era. Until my next book releases, join me in celebrating unsung Black men and women who sacrificed everything to quietly change history.

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My current novels

Explore the past from a high-adrenaline, faith-infused perspective.

Book 1: In the Shadow of Your Wings Paperback

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Northshire Heritage Trilogy Book 1

The shadow of the Great War looms over Europe, affecting everyone in its path.

A past she can’t escape. A future he wants to make his own. A war that comes between them.

She’s a spy in love with the enemy.
Leila Durand, an elite German spy charged with infiltrating the home of British icon Thomas Steele, hopes to use the war to move beyond the pain of her shattered past. But everything changes when she falls in love with Thomas’s son, Malcolm. Is there a way to reconcile her love for Germany and her love for the enemy?

He’s a son who wants to break free.
Malcolm, wealthy heir to Northshire Estate, wants nothing more than to be free of his father’s rules. When Thomas becomes too judgmental, Malcolm makes a life-changing choice.

In the Shadow of Your Wings presents inescapable truth that resonates across the past century. Then as now, the struggle for faith is real. Then as now, there is a refuge for all who come beneath the shadow of God’s wings.

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“… a novel that historians and readers, in general, will find a fantastic read.

—Readers Favorite, In the Dead of the Night