Place of the Week #3: Cologne

This week I’m spotlighting Cologne, or Köln as it’s known in Germany. With roots harking back to Julius Caesar in 53BC, Cologne is an incredible city for tourists in the heart of Germany’s historic Rhineland. It is also Germany’s fourth-largest city and the setting of my next novel.

Here I am, pushing through jetlag to see this Cologne’s cathedral–a complete architectural masterpiece.

One of Cologne’s iconic sights is its famed cathedral. A Catholic cathedral begun in 1248, Kölner Dom is now a World-Heritage site

So what can you expect from my next novel that’s now out to publishers? An authentic view of the city like you’ve never seen it before—through the eyes of a Black woman at a time when the Third Reich held the power of life and death.

During Hitler’s Reich, Cologne became a gateway to western Germany due to the newly created autobahn and the railways. I will confess that I absolutely loved speeding on the autobahn.

Lois and I visited Cologne in 2019 when doing field research. You can read about our (mis)adventures and see pictures here, I’ll never forget walking through this beautiful city that was shaped by empires and is still important today.

Take a guess

How do you think the Black community felt about the rising Nazi regime? Respond in the comments and, if you’re correct, I’ll give you a shout-out in next week’s post!

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