2022 holiday gifts for men

So, my wife challenged me to create a list of holiday gifts for men that doesn’t revolve around books. For an author, that’s tougher than it sounds but I couldn’t back down from that kind of a challenge. So, here goes!

For the record, I receive no commissions or affiliate paybacks for any item mentioned below. They’re simply great products that can make an awesome gift for him. So, here’s the 2022 JPR holiday gifts for men list.

  • Fred Bear Montana Longbow: If he’s the outdoors type, I highly recommend this bow. Lightweight and reliable, I’ve been known to hit a standard-sized target at over 200 feet with this longbow and a dime at about 15 feet. If he’s a hunter, this bow works well in the field but it’s also nice for competitive traditional shooting. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Montana.
  • Caribou, Hallee’s Brew, Black Rifle, or Lavazza coffee: You can probably tell by the amount of options that my wife and I take our coffee very seriously. After experimenting with a number of brands, these four stand out as gift-worthy. Just in case you’re wondering, Lois drinks the darker stuff while I tend to stay on the lighter end of the intensity spectrum!

    Black Rifle is a veteran-founded business. With some of my family and friends in the American armed forces, I’m happy to support this kind of business.
  • Vahdam Tea India: Tea’s also a big thing in our family. Lois and I both enjoy a good cup (after 2 cups of coffee of course!)  and tea from India is among the world’s best. Vahdam Tea is new to our family but we’re enjoying the experience so far. Named after the founder’s father, Vadham also contributes to supporting education in India.  As a teacher, that’s a win in my book!

    It’s also worth mentioning that, as gifts, coffee and tea pair well with books. 
  • Manly Indulgence candles (wooden wick). This Thanksgiving we did a blitz trip to Ontario to visit family. We stayed in an Airbnb that had a Manly Indulgence candle. So I selflessly told my wife that I was buying a candle that she would enjoy as well. Wording. It’s all in the wording. 🙂 Anyhow, we both enjoy these candles. The wood wick crackles as the candle burns taking me back to many campfires and good times beneath God’s starry sky.
  • 14-in-1 Survival Kit: Knowing that the woods are a huge part of who I am, my wife bought me this survival kit. It’s equipped with pretty much everything you need to make it in most situations. The tungsten steel pen and carbonite blade in particular are very useful. Best of all, it gave her peace of mind. Who can put a price on that?
  • Our Moments conversation starters: If you know me, you know I love a good conversation. I actually got one of these as a gift for someone who has a tough time communicating with his family. But I realized that there are thought provoking questions in here that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Our Moments is a great way to deepen relationships and rebuild bridges.
  • Word Teasers Faith Edition: This is similar to the Our Moments but with a deep Christian angle. These cards ask personal questions that focus on a spiritual walk. For the Christmas season, it’s hard to think of a better gift. My kids love pulling tough cards from the pile like “What would you do to calm someone’s anger?” It makes for memorable, positive conversations. 

    There’s also a set for Dad Jokes that I may need to consult  to upgrade my joke dadabase!
  • Beard supplies: Men with beards often know they require upkeep. Beard balm, brushes, and oils etc. can be useful, affordable gifts.
  • Membership to an outdoor exhibit such as Longwood or Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
    Lois and I are into gifting experiences instead of things lately. Why not look up an outdoor experience within driving distance and gift membership that can be enjoyed time and again throughout the year?

And, of course, books make great gifts. If he’s not into reading, perhaps he just hasn’t found the right book yet. A fast-paced, historical fiction novel may be a great way to get him reading.

And there you have it. A curated list that (almost) doesn’t include books! I hope this is helpful. I’d love to hear your ideas so let me know in the comments how this list can be improved.

From our heart to yours, have a blessed and meaningful Christmas season.

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