Zechariah 10:1

What does Zechariah 10:1 mean?

Julie (*name changed) and her husband sat across from me in the small room, her eyes shimmering with tears. She’d grown up in church but had never really accepted the grace that Christ offers. She knew, in theory, that God could forgive sins but didn’t somehow believed that her own wrongs were beyond His reach. Julie needed the healing rain that Christ offers in abundance.

In the time of Zechariah, Israel needed a reminder that God was the omnipresent, watchful Father who disciplines His children yet loves them all the same. They needed a visual that they could latch on to, as God Himself is unseen. Not much has changed since then. With all that’s going on in the world it’s important to recognize the subtle reminders that God offers.

It’s springtime now and, in my part of the country, it’s raining almost every day. For some people, that might be a bad thing. For me, it’s a sign that the reign of winter is over. God is prepping the ground for the growing season. The rain is a sign that He cares, that He’s involved in everything that goes on in this crazy, complicated planet of ours.

Truly, every rain drop is another reminder that God cares about the details in your life. With that in mind, thank Him for the showers of blessings He’s poured out in your life.

What other verses in the Bible about spring speak to you?

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