Historical fiction novel releases on 5/15

It’s been just a few weeks since In the Dead of the Night hit the digital shelves and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m so grateful to hear that people are enjoying reading the first series that I fully completed.

In the Dead of the Night is the fantastic finish to the action-packed, danger-filled Northshire Heritage series. If you like World War I fiction, I highly recommend this! I loved it.


In the Dead of the Night ranked in the top 100 WW1 fiction books during release week!

Well, my good news this week is that plans for the paperback release of In the Dead of the Night are going full-steam ahead. Logos Publication’s outstanding cover designer made some tweaks. Can anyone see the obvious yet easy-to-miss difference between the new cover (right) and the original (left)?

I’m waiting on proof copies to arrive. If all is well, on MAY 15th, my latest novel will finally be finished. Cheer with me! 🙂

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