Radical Devotions #3 | To hear Truth

What can headphones teach us about a walk with God?

Theme Scripture: Rev. 3:20

Materials needed: Bible, headphones and music (on a phone etc)

What you’ll learn: Walking with God is an individual experience.

Warmup questions: (Ask these before starting the activity. Feel free to improvise.)

  • Do you like to listen to music?
  • What’s your favorite song?


  1. Connect the headphones and put on his/her favorite song. If that’s not available (or you’re scared to do so!) put on something else. Let him listen to the music for about 30 seconds.

  2. Kill the music after you’ve seen your student’s really gotten into it. It’s really fun if he/she’s singing along and you stop it mid-syllable.

  3. Ask your student if he was able to hear the music (an obvious yes). Ask if you were able to hear it (an obvious no.)

  4. Ask: why was he able to hear it but you weren’t? (Because he was wearing the headphones).

  5. Point out:
    1. Just as only the person wearing the headphones can hear the music, so can only those who are connected to God hear His voice. Christianity is therefore very individualistic.

    1. To hear God’s voice, we as individuals must tune out all other voices (just like your student probably wasn’t paying attention to you or others around)

    1. If you really get into the music—that he alone can hear—he might dance, sing, etc. which makes him look weird to anyone who can’t hear the song. Show how that’s similar to the Christian life.

    1. To see God’s promises at work in our lives, all obstacles, doubts, and past failures all have to be “tuned out” so we can hear the “spiritual music”.

  6. Close with the scripture reading (Rev. 3:20). Point out that Christ is always speaking through His Word.

Dig Deeper (optional):

Rev. 3:20 is often applied to the sinner but a quick reading of the chapter shows that this chapter is actually addressed to the church. Why would Jesus tell religious people to open their hearts? What’s the difference between church membership and an actual relationship with Christ?

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