Write 3D Characters is now available on-demand

As most of you know, I’ve been blessed to teach at writers conferences across the U.S.  and am now the president of our own local writers association. As an educator, with over a decade in the classroom, learning and sharing are part of who I am. 

To that end, I’m transforming some of my most popular workshops into engaging, low-cost learning experiences that you can access again and again at no additional charge.

Short description:
Create 3D Characters fuses art and history in an engaging workshop. Discover how to create a villain that appeals and put flesh on your protagonist. Designed for authors of fiction and non-fiction across genres, Write 3D Characters presents 5 essential strategies to create characters that “walk off the page.” 
Create 3D Characters is one of my most-requested workshops. Appropriate for both fiction and non-fiction authors, I’ve had the privilege of sharing these 5 strategies to “flesh-out” characters at ACFW-VA, local writing groups and more. 

The webinar recording is specially made for individual learning, so there is no background noise or audience interference.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited access to a 60 minute, humorous and informative webinar
  • An interactive handout that you can download again and again

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Integrating realism in writing
  • Creating relatable characters
  • Focusing your writing so it has a clear message
  • Crafting dialogue that speaks to the reader
  • Writing emotional depth
  • You can watch this again and again at no additional cost.

Do these strategies work?

I know these strategies work because they have helped my titles earn solid, positive reviews from trusted industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly and Midwest Book reviews.  Here’s a quick sample of what I mean.
Review extract for In the Dead of the Night
“It holds much food for thought, and will especially delight readers of Great War events who don’t typically receive such a multifaceted, thought-provoking examination of the war. Perhaps this is because many of the fictional characters are based on real-world personalities, from spymasters to generals and the everyday families who became caught up in events beyond their experience or control.” 
—Midwest Book Reviews, Diane D. Senior Reviewer

How much does this cost?

I’m offering this in-depth, freshly-developed course for only $5.99 USD.

Most of my work in the writing industry is done free of charge and 40% of my royalties consistently go to international mission work. I hope that this low-cost opportunity will be one that inspires and helps you grow as an author. 

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