What REALLY happened in Washington?

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3

The horrific events in Washington this week should come as no surprise. While they are perhaps unprecedented, the social climate of our nation is the perfect breeding ground for unrestrained dissent and civil violence. Why?

Because recent generations have devoted themselves to tearing down what their forefathers sacrificed everything to build up—a society built upon the pillars of the Christian faith and tolerance.

America’s war against Christianity

The war against Judeo-Christian principles cannot be denied. either can the consequences that arise when those principles are removed.

Consider for a moment: those who espouse biblical principles are targeted by the media for their noncompliance while the world urges them on in the name of tolerance. For example, in 2016 I was told by public administrators—while our nation was experiencing a massive teacher shortage—that I would have to choose between my job and my faith. How many others have made similar choices to leave their professions, their churches, and their public offices because of the mounting pressure.

In America?


Not the America that was but in the nation that is bent on eradicating the foundation that shaped this democracy. The cornerstone of our democracy is not the Republican or Democratic parties. Neither is it the right to vote. It is the faith in God that inspired men and women to devote themselves to building something bigger than their own lives.

When that faith in God is removed, we are left with only questions. Questions about our identity, our gender, our race—and what it means to be truly American.

Adolf Hitler recognized the power of dividing society to his own advantage. His efforts to push traditional thinkers and rewrite the German education curriculum by removing educators who resisted the new socialist trend mirror the ongoing efforts to remove traditional family values from American society. After all, whoever controls the youth controls the future voters, legislators, and political leaders.

The question is more than liberal versus conservative

As this aggression on both sides continues to escalate—in harmony with biblical prophecy—I fear that we will see more of the kind of shameful behavior that was present in Washington this week.

We all may feel pulled in one direction or another. As a conservative Christian, I thoroughly understand the frustration felt by many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. As a black man who has endured many instances of racism and marginalization by law enforcement, I also recognize that America does need to see positive change.

But the real disease that is killing the world’s greatest democracy isn’t race or political affiliation—it’s a lack of Christ.

What’s really happening to America?

As a historian and political fiction writer, I am constantly analyzing the trends of the past. In 2017 I wrote a historical novel, Bride Tree that recreated France just prior to its decade of internal conflict and upheaval. Bride Tree was not just a story—it was a warning. A warning that our nation was racing along the same path that led the government of France to its downfall.

Ironically, as the events in Washington were unfolding, I was in the middle of discussing the conditions that led to France’s civil war. Enormous financial deficit. Poor alliances. Intolerance between citizens. Heavily materialistic living. And the persecution of religious groups. The rising friction led to a mass storming of federal authority in Paris.

Only afterward did I realize that something chillingly similar to the events that sparked the French Revolution seemed to be happening—in our nation’s capital.

I do not condone the events in Washington; I emphatically condemn them. But human nature is to strike back when threatened. Unless American society chooses to return to a path of tolerance for those whose views are conservative; unless the media does an about face and returns to giving facts instead of blatantly politically-motivated opinions; unless We the People remember that our nation is born of brotherhood, then I tremble at what the future holds.

Bride Tree was not just a story—it was a warning. A warning that our nation was racing along the same path that led the government of France to its downfall.

JP Robinson

The Bible gives a startling prophecy, one that seems strikingly reminiscent of the United States’ own story. In Revelation 13 it predicts that a nation with two main powers that appears like a lamb suddenly turns and speaks like the wild creature who previously existed. I believe this is an accurate picture of what American society has become (see my post The Darkness Rises).

Whereas our nation once spoke gently of religious and state freedom, whereas we once were a beacon of light to the world, now society crushes those whose values remind us of our not-so-distant-past.

So what can we do? More specifically, what can the Christian do? As the psalmist wrote, once the foundations are destroyed there is very little that any righteous person can do. Except to look to his Maker.

I believe the events in Washington should cause every Christian to recognize that there our hope cannot rest in presidents, political regimes, or elections. Our hope now and forever must be in the promise of the coming King. So lift up your head and trim your lamps! Whatever happens today will not change the outcome of eternity. Christ will come and all will be well.

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